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Floriculture by Intelliprep. The DVD study system combines visual, aural and textual mediums to form a cohesive and efficient tool that builds the student's knowledge base. Customizable quizzes give direct feedback on a student's ability to recognize and properly identify the 124 species of the Floriculture ID competition. With more than 500 high resolution photos, common and botanical names and audio reading of each botanical name's proper pronunciation, you can be assured that your students will have all of the tools necessary to maximize their potential in preparing for the CDE. The Desk Reference Book and Field Guide each features one species per page with a large, primary photo and several smaller photos showing the species in different settings and seasons. Each page also features bullet points with identification facts for that species. The books are made to withstand wear, water and dirt.
The Desk Reference Book Size: 7 1/2" x 12" and the Field Guide Size: 3 3/4" x 6".

Instructor Combo Pack - Includes:
- One DVD
- One Desk Reference
- One Field Guide;

Team Combo Pack - Includes:
-One DVD
-One Desk Reference
-Four Field Guides

Field Guides also sold separately.
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